Which Narcos character are you?

Netflix dropped the 3rd season of its crime drama web television series, Narcos, to much critical acclaim. (as usual) With the wealth of characters the show portrays, we thought it’ll be a good idea to help both veteran viewers and potential new fans alike with a quick guide. Take the short quiz below to find learn about the […]

Introducing Programmatic Video Advertising: Monetization for Publishers

It goes without saying, but, it’s not easy being a Publisher today. Between audience demands for engaging, concise, wherever, whenever content, and advertising dollars increasingly shifting to other platforms and, more significantly, the Facebook/Google duopoly, Publishers are faced with a radically transformed ecosystem. Here at Apester, we are committed to supporting the Publishing community as […]

Apester Launches Programmatic Video Advertising Suite

Apester Launches Programmatic Video Advertising Suite Publishers can now access prime video ad inventory within interactive editorial content New York, NY, May 23, 2017 – Apester, a global experiential content creation, distribution and monetization platform, today announced the release of its programmatic video advertising solutions. As Publishers seek out increased revenue opportunities and methods to […]

Apester Teams Up with GIPHY to Provide Access to their Vast GIF Library

Apester Teams Up with GIPHY to Provide Access to their Vast GIF Library Integration with the Apester platform adds further storytelling capabilities for Publishers and Brands New York, NY, May 18, 2017 – Apester, a global interactive content creation and management platform, and GIPHY, the #1 brand in GIFs, today announced that they are integrating […]

Trump Won! Well, We Weren’t Surprised…

Our mission here at Apester is pretty simple. We give journalists, editors, bloggers, and the full range of online storytellers, the tools to let their readers participate and experience content in the stories they publish–allowing users to take a stand about any topic, anywhere, and immediately see how they compare to their peers. Across our […]

What’s the Greatest Olympic Moment of All Time?

Apester is letting the WORLD decide! The greatest moment in olympic history should be decided in the biggest poll EVER and that is exactly what’s happening, and you can join in! Simply embed this code into any Olympic article you create and let your readers pick their favorite moments! Be a part of our one of a […]

Brexit: No One Saw It Coming? You Did!

No one saw it coming? You did. What a jaw-dropping result. At least half the nation is in a state of shock. Who knew? No one believed they’d pull that trigger, no one really thought they’d actually go through with it. Some last minute polls showed a small gap for Remain but it was all […]

Brexit: If You Ask It, They Will Come (And Engage)

Brexit: if you ask it, they will come (and engage) There’s definitely something to be said for sitting atop a mountain of data. The air’s fresh, the view’s amazing and we get to see things a lot clearer. Data mountain, for example, is how we knew Bernie Sanders was going to win Michigan a few […]

UEFA Euro 2016 Tournament

Great! You made it! First, let’s get some technical details out of the way… how do you actually use one of these units? 8 simple steps: Log into your Apester dashboard Go to the “Show” window and click on the arrow Find the “Euro 2016” channel Find the item you want to embed Click the […]