I’m Miley Cyrus’ Vaginal Chandelier

Are you her MTV Crotch Lips? Take a moment to figure out, cause this is an extremely important issue: Which of Mileys’ “unique” MTV VMA outfits best fits your personality?

From Cyrus’s crazy outfits, Kanye West’s presidential announcement and Nicki Minaj calling out Miley as a b*tcH … (what was that about) the entertainment never seemed to end Sunday night at the MTV VMAs!

Even today, a couple days later many of us are still sitting with our mouths hanging wide open reeling from the many shock moments MTV VMA’s had to offer!

Want to hear something even more shocking …read on for the inside info on how people really feel about Miley, Kanye’s announcements and Swift’s Bad Blood Video!

Having Cyrus host, one can only expect the unexpected! She came in on the red carpet like a wrecking ball and continued to wow us with some risque outfits. From a one eyed boob to crotch lips and a vaginal chandelier – she definitely kept it real!

Not one to stand on the side and be out shone; it was Kanye West who had another jaw dropping moment when he announced his campaign for #POTUS in 2020!

But the question must be asked … would you vote for Yeezey as President? 85% of voters at AOL say there’s no way! While 79% don’t even believe it’s true #KardashianWorldDomination

It can’t be an awards show without Taylor Swift winning something for her lyrical genius and star filled music videos.

Prior to the VMAs Entertainment Weekly asked its audience if they thought Swift’s ‘Bad Blood’ Video would win Video of the Year – 80% of voters were adamant that it would – and they were right!

But can her latest video for “Wildest Dreams” – which premiered at the Awards – do as well as her star studded clip for “Bad Blood”?

Tell us what you think!

Now all we can do is try pick our jaws off the floor and wait for the next Celeb Shocking moment to happen!