iPhone 6s – Game Changing or Yawn Inducing?

What can we possibly tell you about the iPhone 6s that you don’t already know? Well, quite a lot, frankly. If anything, we can merely offer you the truth – what you, the people, think about the shiny, skinny new device: Were you waiting for it? Is it desirable at all? Is it worth buying? So many questions and we’ve got all the answers, as usual. Shall we?

Are the people excited or indifferent?

As Apple was set to unveil two new iPhones and the more powerful iPad, the Express and Star rightfully wondered and asked readers “Are you excited about the release of the new iPhone?”. It was a close race as 51% said they were. We did expect the people to be a bit more upbeat about it. Didn’t you?

Are the people impressed?

Shout out to the Daily Star for asking what was on our mind. Maybe people were able to muster some enthusiasm once it’s been revealed? So following the launch the Daily star asked “Are you impressed by the new iPhone?”. Computer still said no as 53% of over 6,000 voters are not interested!

Which device would the people go for?

Ok, so people are not exactly buoyant about this one but nevertheless, it’s worth knowing which of the new gadgets they would go for if they had to choose. Gadgets.ndtv asked “Which upcoming Apple product do you want to buy?” and 63% of the voters said iPhone 6s. Right here:

Enough messing about – are you, the people, buying or not?

So forget all the above, it’s money time – will you part ways with your hard earned dollars/pounds/Euros/other to actually get this device? The Huffington Post took it upon itself to figure out and the results reflect a kind of consistent indifference as 53% answered some variation of “NO”.

Ok then. We’re giving it one more shot before calling it. Here’s one from Fox.com.au taking a head-on approach with “Will you be getting the iPhone 6s or 6s Plus?” 65% of almost 12,000 voters said they would stick to their current phone (43%) or they are simply not fans of Apple (22%). Alas.

We’re calling it: you, the people, could care less about Apple’s new devices, but not a lot less.