On Immigrants, ISIS, and an Expensive mast – What do the people of Apester think of Britain’s Prime Minister – Mr. David Cameron

With ISIS activity on Iraq and Syria’s land heating up, and the increasing numbers of asylum seekers in Britain, News sites on Apester’s Network are asking their readers what is their opinion on Prime Minister David Cameron’s policies.

Apparently, 81% of votes on Express.co.uk believe that Cameron is to blame for the rise of ISIS and 63.6% of more than 25000 think that he should send troops to Syria and Iraq. Where do you stand on this issue?

This sentiment is compatible with 94% of more than 5000 voters who believe Cameron should do more to tackle ISIS. Do you agree?

While voters are concerned with the situation at Iraq and Syria’s land, people are also voicing their opinion regarding immigrants issues and Britain’s borders;

97% have agreed that Cameron needs to close Britain’s borders, and toughen its immigration policy.

On the same topic, Calais Official called Cameron a racist due to his reported saying that Britain is threatened by a “swarm” of foreigners and likened the migrant crisis to a “warzone”. Apester’s Voters’ voice begs to differ; Only 8% agreed Cameron’s saying is racist.

Foreign policy predicaments are not the only issues preventing Cameron’s of his beauty sleep. While ISIS is giving Cameron and the rest of the world a hard time, Cameron is also busy with internal policies and maintaining a positive public opinion.

Spending £300,000 of taxpayers money for his brand new mast, probably makes the latter mission a bit more complicated…

87% agreed that Cameron should not be allowed to spend cash on the mast, thus expressing their discontent.

Speaking of discontent, 31% think George Osborne should replace Cameron as a conservative leader while only 25% were satisfied with his conduct think he should continue on this position.

Also,when asked if Cameron should fight the 2020 election, 56% of votes on The Telegraph have replied “yes” while the other 44% are not so keen of the idea.

Would you like to see Cameron fight the 2020 election?

Looks like Cameron still has a long way in persuading many people in his capability to be Great Britain’s leader once again.