Introducing Programmatic Video Advertising: Monetization for Publishers

It goes without saying, but, it’s not easy being a Publisher today. Between audience demands for engaging, concise, wherever, whenever content, and advertising dollars increasingly shifting to other platforms and, more significantly, the Facebook/Google duopoly, Publishers are faced with a radically transformed ecosystem. Here at Apester, we are committed to supporting the Publishing community as they adapt to this new paradigm, providing the tools and guidance to ensure they maintain their place at the center of media.

That is why today we are excited to announce that we have introduced programmatic video solutions for Publishers. This new capability enables Publishers to now monetize the experiential content units their audiences crave.

Publishers who utilize the Apester Platform can choose to make those experiential units available for video monetization. Ads are served at the start of an engagement, or following one before results are displayed. Additionally, as editorial units are distributed across multiple platforms, ad units persist, ensuring monetization for Publishers wherever their experiential units are shared and consumed. Supply access to advertisers is available in both open and private marketplaces.

As media continues to evolve, we are dedicated to providing the tools and guidance to ensure Publishers are meeting the demands of the new storytelling generation.

To learn more about how you can increase revenue through Video Monetization with Apester, contact us.