Super Bowl 50: Your Pre-, Post- and During Game Manual

Have you seen Cam Newton's pants? If you haven’t seen his Versace leggings, you need to! They’re…something else.

Super Bowl 50 is nearly here and opportunities for Apester items quizzes, polls, personality tests and video quizzes are abundant. Cam Newton’s pants for example. Or if football player fashion isn’t in your editorial wheelhouse, maybe testing your audience’s Super Bowl history knowledge can beef up your current content or inspire a new post.

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Will it be Charlotte or Denver spawning next year’s gaggle of Super Bowl Babies? Because whichever city wins is gonna see an uptick in between-the-sheets baby makin’. True story. The NFL says so in this video With data. Stats. Sexy stats.

That video is ripe for opportunity to create a video quiz. Or, if you have any other video you’re looking to feature, have at it.

Madden NFL 16 predicted the Super Bowl 50 winner and let us just say they must have seen Newton’s pants and knocked his player score down a couple notches. Was Madden accurate this year? Ask your audience.

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Donald Trump probably doesn’t think so because he said he thinks Peyton “is a good guy.” Sorry, couldn’t keep the politics out of it.

But sorry Peyton, you’re losing the poll battle on who’s hotter, you or Cam.

Mike Garafolo over at Foxsports asked the compelling question on if race is a factor on how Cam Newton is received in Super Bowl 50, which is an important question to ask during Black History Month.

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This year’s halftime show is set to be EPIC with Coldplay, Beyonce and Bruno Mars all hitting the stage in what the NFL hopes to be the best representation of Super Bowls past. But Foxsports took it to the next level with a personality quiz asking which Super Bowl halftime show (of the 2000s) are you?

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And the commercials… the real reason why people watch the Super Bowl. Well, at least those out there who comment during the game, “did they hit a homerun?” Ryan Reynolds is of course featured in a hilarious commercial, and there will be opportunities aplenty to create on-the-spot polls and quizzes as they happen or after the game.

Or hit the big questions like:

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Of course don’t forget the opportunities after the game. Bad ref calls (bound to happen,) incredible plays, wardrobe malfunctions, comparisons of this year’s Super Bowl to previous years. Opportunities abound. We’re here to help you take it up a notch. Hit us up with any questions or if you need advice and we’re happy to help.

Enjoy the game! Oh, help your audience engage with The Big Game more by, you guessed it, using Apester.