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Super Bowl 50- Your Pre, Post & During Game Manual

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Have you seen Cam Newton’s pants? If you haven’t seen his Versace leggings, you need to! They’re…something else. Super Bowl 50 is nearly here and opportunities for Apester items quizzes, polls, personality tests and video quizzes are abundant. Cam Newton’s pants for example. Or if football player fashion isn’t in your editorial wheelhouse, maybe testing […]

On Immigrants, ISIS, and an Expensive mast – What do the people of Apester think of Britain’s Prime Minister – Mr. David Cameron

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With ISIS activity on Iraq and Syria’s land heating up, and the increasing numbers of asylum seekers in Britain, News sites on Apester’s Network are asking their readers what is their opinion on Prime Minister David Cameron’s policies. Apparently, 81% of votes on Express.co.uk believe that Cameron is to blame for the rise of ISIS […]

I’m Miley Cyrus’s Vaginal Chandelier

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Are you her MTV Crotch Lips? Take a moment to figure out, cause this is an extremely important issue: Which of Mileys’ “unique” MTV VMA outfits best fits your personality? From Cyrus’s crazy outfits, Kanye West’s presidential announcement and Nicki Minaj calling out Miley as a b*tcH … (what was that about) the entertainment never […]