This Biggest Thing is Back – NFL Season

The NFL season will kick off next week. And while Opening Day Match between the reigning champions New England Patriots and the visiting Pittsburgh Steelers is all about Tom Brady’s suspension debate – there’s much more going on around the league. But first things first – the Deflategate thing. Let’s put it out of the way.
Most of you are convinced Brady is guilty.

But that’s just because most of you are Pats Haters. And the rest are Pats fans.
And if you are still trying to figure out where you stand – or should stand – when it comes to following NFL teams, just go ahead and take this FanSided quiz…

Anyway, as long as The Golden Boy’s suspension is still valid, the next question in line is WHAT WILL THE PATRIOTS’ RECORD BE WITH JIMMY GAROPPOLO AT THE HELM? Over 3000 of you took the time to answer that question on TheScore, and the vast majority believes Bill Belichick’s squad will not fall under 500 when the Superbowl’s MVP is back.

As for the rest of the league, you all are already deeply involved with the upcoming season. From Fantasy Football to the plain ol’ arguments about whose better to try and guess the winners of the upcoming season – the heat is on. But none of these is important enough right now, since we have a much heavier issue on our hands. So let’s settle this once and for all: WHICH NFL PLAYER WOULD BE THE BEST OLYMPIAN? We know this is exactly the sort of stuff that deprives you from sleeping, but luckily we have a verdict:

Yes, 70 experts put JJ Watt on top of ESPN’s 100 Best Players survey. That’s nice. But some 6000 of YOU took the time to envision the Houston Texans DE in Team USA jersey – and democratically decided he’s probably worth a fighting chance for an Olympic medal more than any other current NFL player. Now that’s IMPORTANT. Oh, and if you think the NFL is all fun and games, the guys on Pixable are not letting Opening Day craze to get their minds off an issue which is truly important. Like, life and death important.

With Will Smith’s new film ‘Concussion’ – about the man who first discovered Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, the brain disease known for afflicting football players and boxers who have sustained multiple concussions – gets its first trailer, it’s worth taking a look at the future of the game, and ask ourselves: should we let our kids play contact football? What do you think?