To Be or Not To Be Naked?

We here, at Apester, like to think we’re on a truth-seeking quest. We don’t shy away from any struggle to uncover or reveal what you guys think about the burning issues.

There is however one thing we DO shy away from and that’s nudity. Not other people’s of course, hell no. That’s actually one of our favorite pass times. We’d just do whatever it takes to avoid the image of our own frail bodies clothless in the mirror. Whatever it takes, other than drop our clothes, that is. To quote Meatloaf: we’d do anything but we won’t do THAT.

As for you guys, ah well that’s a totally different story, which is why we love you so much: 53% of voters on this daily-mail VoicR said they would love to do a nude fashion shoot. If we factor in the “maybe”s that up to 70%. What?!

Ok. So most of you would totally do a naked fashion shoot (btw, if you’re naked, what’s so fashion about it?). We can live with that, hell, we prefer to. But you’d think none of you out there would try running naked on a treadmill, right? We mean, what’s the point? Couldn’t be more wrong!

25% of voters of more than 15,000 voters said they would as it makes them feel liberated. It makes US feel self-conscious.

Cover yourselves, we’re not done. Have you heard of that Sydney bar that made headlines using naked bodies as fruit platters last week? Well, we’ve stripped (get it?) the mask off that one as well!

49% of voters said they think that’s a great idea (38% men + 11% women). That’s just dandy, but surely they wouldn’t actually eat off her would they? Keep your pants on, we’ve got the numbers right here. 51% would totally do it! Would you? Cast your vote right here!

Ok, now you can lose’em.