Trump Won! Well, We Weren’t Surprised…

Our mission here at Apester is pretty simple.

We give journalists, editors, bloggers, and the full range of online storytellers, the tools to let their readers participate and experience content in the stories they publish–allowing users to take a stand about any topic, anywhere, and immediately see how they compare to their peers.

Across our network, many millions of readers are choosing to speak out using our contextual, simple and seamless one-click products and online poll–sharing their thoughts on thousands of topics, every day.

That puts us, Apester, at the intersection between the media and “the people.”

The outcome of this process is a more engaged audience and a more loyal readership. Which, from time to time, means that there is a strong connection between the sentiment of the our users and the outcomes of significant political elections.

We are not a polling company, nor are any of our publishing partners using our engagement products to write scientific surveys. Our objective is to provide an outlet, not only for the audience to read a story, but an environment and mechanism by which they can express their own opinion as well.

The U.S. Election results show how vast the disparity between the sentiment of the people and what is being reported by the media. In that landscape, it’s not surprising that a contextual social engagement tool, when used effectively by journalists, helps bridge the gap and illuminate the reader's true stance.

In the past year and a half, Apester’s interactive units better predicted the results of the Greek referendum, Super Tuesday 2, the Michigan Democratic primary, Brexit, and now the Trump upset.

Although it's important to highlight that Apester’s editorial units are not academic tools in any way, shape or form–they do seem to allow publishers to re-establish a broken connection with their audience. And surface some of the people’s thoughts and voices that got lost in the way.

*** Apester's Point of View ***


This election was impassioned and volatile in a way that sparked many people into action. Even well-known celebrities joined the fray–creating videos and social-media-oriented public service announcements– they warned America about the implications of voting for a Trump presidency. Pop icon Cher expressed her thoughts, warning the US of the dangers Trump would bring.

Whatever lies in America’s political future, it’s time we become accustomed to seeing Trump’s name in the same sentence as Roosevelt, Lincoln, Washington and Kennedy.