Volkswagen’s Scandal. To Buy or Not to Buy?

The latest motor scandal is brought to you by Volkswagen’s dearest who reportedly rigged emission tests.

As revealed last week, Volkswagen is now facing fines up to $18 billion after admitting to installing software in Audi & VW diesels used to deceive the regulators measuring exhaust fumes, and has been doing so since 2009!

One implication of this outrageous public deception is that potentially there are millions of cars around Europe that are driven illegally and might be recalled by the manufacturer.

According to health experts, there are 30,000 deaths each year in Britain due to air pollution; “Road transport, they say is the primary source of deadly nitrogen oxide and that failures to cut emissions could be causing thousands of deaths each year.”

Being Environment friendly, we have gathered your opinions following this crisis;

Will you buy a VW?

69% have reported that they are less likely to buy a Volkswagen now.

When asked why, 54% of these voters said it’s because they don’t trust the engineers as much as they used to, only 27% claim that they do not want to drive a car that pollutes too much and 19% are actually concerned about their reputation, saying that they do not want to be seen driving in one.

Moreover, only 37% of more than 21K say they will choose a car based on emission standards while 35% will not take it into consideration at all!

If we had to guess, we would have said that a larger percentage would actually care more about polluting the environment, rather than trashing their reputation.. Apparently we were wrong..

What do you think? Will you get a VW and if not, why?

Will this put you off?
Added to these 69% less likely to purchase a VW, we found that 57% of more than 73K Telegraph readers say that this reported scandal has put them off from buying a VW vehicle in the future

These numbers, amongst the expected fines and legal ramifications leave no room for doubt; Volkswagen are now facing a crisis they will have to work real hard to overcome.

With today’s awareness of environmental issues, restoring their image among potential buyers all over the world will be one hell of E-mission!