You’re Welcome, Twitter and Google Bosses

So will Twitter drop it’s 140 character limit in the future allowing you to rant limitlessly forever and ever? Honestly, we hope not. Don’t get us wrong, we don’t mind reading what’s on your mind and all but for god’s sake man, keep it short!

At the moment, no one knows if this would become reality but we can already sense the general mood if it does. The British Telegraph asked it’s readers:
“What will you do if Twitter removes the character limit?” 30% said they would “Scream in the face of every wretched person I see”! Another 16% said they will “Delete my account and post about it on Facebook”. Yikes!

Bottom line: We’re sensing Twitter should reconsider, are you sensing otherwise? So vote!

In other, yet somewhat relevant news, Google launched two new smartphones that updated its Nexus 5 and the larger-screen Nexus 6 with improved cameras, stronger batteries and an updated Android operating system as it tries to slow the growth of Apple’s iPhone. But which is the money maker? Which will have your head spinning like a top? Which will have you running to the shops faster than a 140 character tweet?

One day prior to the launch PC Advisor asked its anticipation-filled readers “What are you most excited to see at the Google event?”. Almost 3,000 people answered, 41% said Nexus 5X and an additional 31% said Nexus 6P! Only 1% were excited about the Chromecast Audio.

Following the launch Gadget360 asked its readers “Which new Google product are you planning to buy?”, and answers from almost 9,000 voters reinforce previous results: 39% said they’re planning to buy the Nexus5 and 36% said Nexus6. And the Chromecast Audio? Just 6%, poor thing.

Bottom line: in the future you’ll be using your new Nexus to tweet about how sweet it is in less than 140 characters! We know it, cause you told us so.